[MARMAM] Laterality in wild whales

Yegor Malashichev malashichev at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 23:33:54 PST 2010

Dear Colleagues,

please, find bellow a link to a recently published paper from my lab
on laterality in whales. Actually, we are not all specialists in whale
biology, but more interested in topics related to evolution of brain
asymmetries and its ecological implications. Currently we are working
with other mammals, too. Though, I am posting this short comment to
the marine mammals list in a genuine belief, that the fact on
laterality in calf-mother interactions in wild beluga whales might be
of some interest to your community.

Please, note, that I am not a regular subscriber to this list, so if
you have any questions or specific requests, please address them to me

The paper is freely available (including pdf) at PLoS ONE web site:


Since PLoS ONE is a unique resource, which allows not only to download
published papers, but also to discuss them, you may also wish to
forward the link to others and/or leave your own critical comments on
the paper page at the PLoS ONE web site
to facilitate scientific discussion of the issues raised in our paper.


Yegor Malashichev

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