[MARMAM] EAAM's 2011 Annual Symposium (Barcelona - Spain, March 11-14, 2011)

Elio Vicente eliovicente at zoomarine.pt
Thu Nov 11 00:39:08 PST 2010

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of Dr. Jesus Fernandez, President-Elect of the EAAM - European Association for Aquatic
Mammals (www.eaam.org) and Chair of the Scientific Committee of the EAAM's 2011 Annual Symposium, we
would like to inform you that the Association's upcoming meeting will take place in Barcelona
(Spain), between March 11-14, 2011. This special event will be hosted by Barcelona Zoo. 

As one can read in the "Call for Presentations", "All topics related to marine mammal science and
husbandries (including conservation, education, veterinarian medicine, operant conditioning, et
cetera) are acceptable. For the 39th Annual Symposium, the EAAM will especially encourage
presentations dedicated to any fields of work related to the conservation of wild populations of
marine mammals. Students are particularly encouraged to submit presentations, apply for sponsorships
and enroll on the Award for the Best Student Presentation".

For further information (including the relevant forms: "Call for Presentations" and "Registration"),
you can check the following websites:
- www.eaambarcelona2011.net/ 
- www.zoobarcelona.cat
- www.eaam.org

We do look forward to see you in fantastic Barcelona!

Kind regards,

E. Vicente

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