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Dear Marmam readers,


We would like to inform Marmam readers of the following workshop


SOCPROG and the analysis of animal social structure using individual


The workshop is for those interested in the analysis of animal social
structure in populations within which at least some individuals are
individually identifiable, whether through natural or artificial
markings, tags, genetics, vocalizations or other means.


Presenter: Professor Hal Whitehead, Dalhousie University, Canada.


Host: Murdoch University's Cetacean Research Unit


Location: Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia


Time:  February 8th - 10th, 2011 


Costs: The cost of attendance for external participants is $AUS 550. The
cost for Murdoch University students is $AUS 300. Lunch, tea and coffee
will be provided.


Applicants: This course is designed for postgraduate students conducting
studies in the broad field of biological - with a special interest in
analyzing animal social structure. As there is limited space available
at the workshop, we encourage applicants to sign up early. Applicants
will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Please visit the
following website for application details:


Workshop details:

SOCPROG is a series of MATLAB programs written by Professor Hal
Whitehead for analyzing data on the social structure, population
structure and movements of identified individuals. The programs are
designed to be easy to use, most input is done through graphical user
interfaces (i.e. windows with things to click on), and most things can
be done without any knowledge of MATLAB (although this helps for custom
options, figuring out errors, making your own extensions, etc.). There
is also a compiled version of SOCPROG, so you don't need access to
MATLAB (although you have more options if you do). The programs are also
designed to be flexible so you can tailor the analyses to your data and
hypotheses. The program is free and can be downloaded from: Professor
Hal Whitehead's website. <http://myweb.dal.ca/hwhitehe/social.htm> 


The 1st day of the workshop will consider general issues in the analysis
of animal social structure (based upon the book "Analyzing animal
societies"), and on the 2nd day the focus will be on the practical use
of SOCPROG. On the 3rd day, we will look at participants' own data sets,
trying to get as much insight as possible. If time permits, we will
consider SOCPROG's functionality for examining population sizes, and


Workshop outline:

What is Social Structure?
Observing Interactions and Associations: Collecting Data
Organizing Data
Describing Relationships: Methods Available
Building Models of Social Structure: Methods Available
Comparing Social Structures: How Can we do this?
SOCPROG: what it does
SOCPROG: how to get and install it
SOCPROG: inputting data
SOCPROG: restricting data; setting associations and sampling periods
SOCPROG: displays of associations
SOCPROG (and other programs): network analyses
SOCPROG: tests of social hypotheses
SOCPROG: temporal changes in social structure
SOCPROG: multivariate methods, and incorporation of genetic data
SOCPROG: movement analyses
SOCPROG: population analyses




Lars Bejder

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