[MARMAM] Workshops on spatial modeling of cetacean habitat use and abundance

Lars Bejder L.Bejder at murdoch.edu.au
Tue Nov 2 00:09:18 PDT 2010

Dear Marmam readers, 

Two workshops, funded by the Australian Marine Mammal Centre, are being
offered by Murdoch University, Western Australia and Flinders
University, South Australia to build expertise in the Australian marine
mammal research community. The workshop, aimed at post-graduate
students, marine wildlife managers and relevant research organisations,
will focus on the use of spatial modeling techniques that allows habitat
use to be quantified and abundance to be estimated from line transect
data. These statistical methods can be complex and sophisticated.
Researchers unfamiliar with the methods face a steep learning curve and
this can limit the potential impacts of research projects. The workshop
will give participants the practical hands-on skills to apply some of
the more accessible models, providing insight and familiarity but
stressing the limitations of currently available methods.

Time and location

Workshop #1: Fremantle, Western Australia. Dates: January 24th-28th,
2010 Venue: The Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle, WA

Workshop #2: Port Lincoln, South Australia. Dates: January 31st -
February 4, 2010 Venue: Lincoln Marine Science Centre, SA

Please visit the following webpage for further details on workshop
outline, admission requirements, application process and accommodation






Guido Parra and Lars Bejder




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