[MARMAM] ICES WGMME 2010 report

Sinéad Murphy snm4 at st-andrews.ac.uk
Mon May 31 09:13:29 PDT 2010

The ICES Working Group on Marine Mammal Ecology (WGMME) 2010 report is now
available, and can be downloaded at

A number of Terms of Reference were covered during this year's meeting in the
Azores including:

a ) Review the effects of wind farm construction and operation on marine mammals
and provide advice on monitoring and mitigation schemes;
b ) Review the current contaminant loads reported in marine mammals in the ICES
area, the cause–effect relationships between contaminants and health status,
and the population-level effects of environmental impacts;
c ) Further development of the framework for surveillance and monitoring of
marine mammals applicable to the ICES area;
d ) Review and report on any new information on population sizes,
population/stock structure and management frameworks for marine mammals;
e ) Provide information on abundance, distribution, population structure and
incidental capture of marine mammals off the Azores;
f ) Review of the scope, objectives and technical issues of the initiative for a
European Marine Mammal Tissue Bank;
g ) Update on development of the ICES seal database, status of intersessional

Reports from previous years can also be found on the ICES WGMME webpage.

Just to note that the ICES Annual Science Conference 2010 will be held at la
Cité des Congrès in Nantes, France, between 20 and 24 September. For further
information see http://www.ices.dk/iceswork/asc/2010/index.asp.

Best wishes

Sinéad Murphy
Chair of WGMME

University of St Andrews Webmail: https://webmail.st-andrews.ac.uk

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