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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the following paper recently published in  
Behavioural Processes.

Dudzinski KM, Gregg JD, Paulos RD, Kuczaj II, SA. 2010. A comparison  
of pectoral fin contact behaviour for three distinct dolphin
populations. Behavioural Processes. 84: 559-567.

Tactile exchanges involving the pectoral fin have been documented in a  
variety of dolphin species. Several
functions (e.g., social, hygienic) have been offered as possible  
explanations for when and why dolphins
exchange pectoral fin contacts. In this study, we compared pectoral  
fin contact between dolphin dyads
from three distinct dolphin populations: two groups of wild dolphins;  
Atlantic spotted dolphins (Stenella
frontalis) from The Bahamas and Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins  
(Tursiops aduncus) from around Mikura
Island, Japan; and one group of captive bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops  
truncatus) residing at the Roatan
Institute for Marine Sciences, Anthony’s Key Resort. A number of  
similarities were observed between the
captive and wild groups, including; rates of pectoral fin contact,  
which dolphin initiated contact, posture
preference, and same-sex rubbing partner preference. Unlike their wild  
counterparts, however, dolphins
in the captive study group engaged in petting and rubbing at equal  
rates, females were more likely to
contact males, males assumed the various rubbing roles more frequently  
than females, and calves and
juveniles were more likely to be involved in pectoral fin contact  
exchanges. These results suggest that
some aspects of pectoral fin contact behaviour might be common to many  
dolphin species, whereas other
aspects could be species specific, or could be the result of differing  
environmental and social conditions.

The final version of this article with full bibliographic details is  
now available online at:

Alternatively, reprints are available from the first author via email (kathleen at dcpmail.org 


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