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Thu May 27 03:13:06 PDT 2010

Morphometric data available


Fellow Marmammers, I've been working on marine mammals (as some of you might know) for about 30 years. Over this time I've collected data on some 35 species of marine mammal. All these were either stranded or incidentally captured in shark nets. I'd like to make these data available to anyone wanting to use them!


Obviously, for some species the data are sparce, for example I have data for only one pygmy right whale. Where the species is rarely stranded (for the Caperea, or any beaked whale) I have collected full body measurements and weights. But, for the more common species I have worked, I have collected mostly length and total weight, though I do have significant 'runs' of full body measurements and organ weights.   


Examples of the 'common' species worked include:

230 Arctocephalus pusillus

44 Arctocephalus tropicalis / gazella

640 Delphinus sp. (mostly capensis)

90 Grampus griseus

30 Kogia sp.

110 Sousa chinensis (plumbea)

70 Stenella coeruleoalba

600 Tursiops aduncus

15 Tursiops truncatus


If anyone is interested in using these data, please contact me.

Vic Cockcroft

Centre for Dolphin Studies

info at dolphinstudies.co.za

cdswhale at worldonline.co.za


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