[MARMAM] URGENT – Internship Opportunity in Egyptian Red Sea

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      URGENT – Internship Opportunity in Egyptian Red Sea

      The Red Sea Dolphin Project


      The Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association
      (HEPCA) is a leading NGO in Egypt working in the field of marine
      and land conservation (www.hepca.com <http://www.hepca.com>). In
      2010, Hepca started a three-year research campaign in the Red Sea
      waters of Egypt south of Marsa Alam. One of the aims of the
      research project is to understand more about the abundance and
      spatial distribution of cetaceans in order to identify their
      critical habitats.


      HEPCA is offering four internship positions on the research
      expeditions that will take place in the summer of 2010. Two
      boat-based surveys are scheduled; one from the 6th to the 27th of
      June, and the second from the 1st to the 22nd of August. Interns
      should be available at least for one survey.


      Successful candidates will be responsible for their own travel
      expenses to Hurghada and travel insurance, while accommodation is
      provided on board the Red Sea Defender. Interns will share double
      en-suite cabins on the boat. Successful candidates should arrive
      at the base 3-4 days before the start of the expedition.


Research activities may include, but are not limited to:

·         Visual observation and use of hydrophone to investigate 
presence, abundance and distribution of marine mammals  in relation  to 
environmental variables;

·         Use of photographic identification to estimate  population 
size of cetaceans with a focus on sociality and site fidelity of spinner 
dolphins (/Stenella longirostris/) in selected areas;

·         Vomit and/or scat collection to study spinner dolphin feeding 

·         Coral reef survey to assess coral and fish biodiversity mainly 
in offshore sites;

·         Collection of data about megafauna, such as dugongs, sharks, 
turtles and manta rays;

·         Data entry, management and analysis.


Applicants should be ready to work long hours (from sunrise to sunset, and occasionally also during night-time navigation), 7 days a week and are expected to participate in the following duties:

·         Actively and independently contributing to the research 
activities, being able to run his/her shift of observation, acoustic 
detection, data entry, photo-ID, coral reef survey;

·         Assist in running the research vessel with chores including 
maintaining common spaces, equipment and laboratory;

·         Actively participating in lectures or activities scheduled by 
the research team;

·         Assist in the development and implementation of education and 
awareness tools: interns are encouraged to propose and develop topics of 
common interest to promote discussion and debate.


Applicants would ideally have the following qualifications:

·         Able to work independently and with limited supervision after the training period;

·         Interns must be patient, adaptable and flexible as fieldwork is highly weather-dependent;

·         Good writing and public speaking skills are a must (in English);

·         Proficiency in swimming is required;

·         SCUBA diving license is preferred but not required;

·         Current enrollment in a degree-seeking program, background in science and/or animal behavior and experience on boats and/or with photo-identification are all desired, but not necessarily required; 

·         Previous wildlife field experience is preferred but not required;

·         Basic computer literacy with a working knowledge PC operating system and proficiency with MS Office, especially Word, and Excel is required. Familiarity with software including Microsoft Access, Pamguard, Distance, GIS, Photoshop would be very helpful but not required. Knowledge of open source OS is desired , but not necessarily required; 

·         You are encouraged to bring your personal laptop computer.


To apply for a Red Sea Dolphin Project internship, interested persons 
should send a brief email to booking at hepca.com 
<mailto:booking at hepca.com> stating your name, contact information, dates 
during which you will be available and an attached CV.

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