[MARMAM] Detection Spreadsheets for Blainville's Beaked whale

AguaSonic Acoustics aguasonic at gmail.com
Mon May 24 13:07:19 PDT 2010


Recent work with a wavelet-based 'click detector' has advanced
considerably-- so much so that I feel the results can now be shared
with the general public.


These are detection spreadsheets that would be useful for anyone
studying the sounds of Beaked whales -- and proficient with
spreadsheet software, of course. As mentioned in an earlier post,
'echo flag' seems to be capable of marking whether a particular event
is the original sound (values below approximately '1'), or a
reflection (higher than '1').

If you are interested in snapshots of the detections themselves,
images of the amplitude waveforms can be found in the associated
'_jpegs' files [ compressed tar format ].

This project is starting with a couple of nice recordings of
Blainville's Beaked whale,
/Mesoplodon densirostris/, made in the Canary Isles and available on

I am actively seeking other recordings for consideration. Minimum
requirements at this time are 192000 samples per second and 16-bits
per sample.

Questions, comments, suggestions for additional fields in the
spreadsheets are encouraged.


Mark Fischer

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