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Yvonne Miles - Scanning Ocean Sectors info at scanningoceansectors.org
Tue May 18 15:24:57 PDT 2010

Scanning Ocean Sectors provides a Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) training
course for individuals and companies across the world. The training courses
which are run in the UK and Australia have recognised and approved by the
Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC).

Scanning Ocean Sectors has a proven track record in training effective and
efficient MMOs across the world. The courses are taught by industry
professionals in their specialised fields and accompanied by fully trained
and experienced MMO which means you will be fully prepared for all necessary
actions whilst in the field.

The Marine Mammal Observer training course consists of three days in total,
two days theory with continuous assessment for each unit and the final day
will be the practical assessment at sea, in this unit you will be expected
to put into practice everything you have been taught in the two days of

Each student receives a graded certificate to ensure the quality standard of
the MMO industry is gaining.

United Kingdom Training Course Dates

   - July 12th - 14th
   - August 9th - 11th
   - September 13th - 15th
   - October 25th - 27th

To register for the course you can book online via our website at
If you wish to arrange a private course for your team or company at a chosen
location then please contact me directly for a quote.

Yvonne Miles
info at scanningoceansectors.org
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