[MARMAM] A possible 'echo flag'?

AguaSonic Acoustics aguasonic at gmail.com
Fri May 7 09:39:23 PDT 2010


While researching ways to classify the clicks of Beaked whales, there
appeared a curious feature in one of the metrics being plotted in
wavelet space. The original clicks, those coming from the whale, were
typically below '1' in this value. Echoes, reflections, were above
'1', sometimes by three orders of magnitude. It is possible a new
means may be available for distinguishing the original click from its

Detections supporting this hypothesis are detailed in:


However, it is just a theory until it can be verified.

Thus, I am seeking collaboration with someone who would like to take a
look at this recording and determine which are the source clicks and
which are echoes using existing, conventional methods (that is,
polarity or cross-correlation, et cetera). Then we could compare
results and see if this new method is useful.


Mark Fischer // info at aguasonic.com

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