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This is a joint research project
consisting of the two following projects:


The first project is investigating
the effects of whale-watching and whaling on Minke whales in Icelandic waters
and the interaction between the two industries. Four volunteers are needed for
this project to help collect track data of Minke whales in the presence and
absence of tourist boats in Faxaflói
  Bay, Iceland.
A land based station, a 27m high lighthouse, will be used to track Minke whale
movement and diving behaviour in the absence of tourist boats, by using
theodolite and the software Cyclops. Whale-watching boats will be used as
platforms to collect the same data during interactions with Minke whales, using
range finder and GPS.


Another volunteer assistant is
requested to partake in a second project investigating residency and site
fidelity of Minke whales, white-beaked dolphins and humpback whales in Faxaflói
bay, Reykjavik, Iceland. Cutaneous disorders of all
three species will be also investigated. 



Faxaflói Bay is a bay facing Reykjavík city
where both whale-watching and whaling is currently taking place.  Daily
whale-watching tours are arranged from Reykjavik
to spot feeding Minke whales, white-beaked dolphins, Humpback whales and
harbour porpoises. Reykjavik
Whale-watching Company has been running whale-watching trips since 1998, with
special interest in all whales visiting the bay. The company is member of Green
Globe 21 and tries to fulfil environmental standards as well as certain
whale-watching guidelines.

Since 2007, the Company started as
well a Research project aiming to:

recognize individually Minke whales, white-beaked dolphins and humpback whales

investigate the distribution of Minke whales and dolphins in association with
underlying environmental variables

analyse the feeding behaviour of Minke whales and white-beaked dolphins and
data collected on associated bird species

assess cutaneous disorders on Minke whales and white-beaked dolphins during
photo-identification surveys 



Tracking project: 10th of
May to 15th of September 2010

Photo-ID: 15th April to
15th September 2010



The lighthouse that will be used for
the land based tracking is located in Gardur, about 30km west of Reykjavik, north of Keflavik,
and overlooks the southern part of Faxaflói
 Bay. Volunteers working
from the land based station in Gardur will be living in a shared apartment
close to Keflavik.
This is a two bedroom apartment with bathroom and kitchen, and volunteers will
need to share their bedroom with one other volunteer. Transportation to and
from the lighthouse in Gardur will be done by car or bus, which is covered by
the project. There are also free buses going between Keflavik
and Reykjavik


For the boat based work, two
whale-watching motor vessels will be used as research platform: Elding and
Hafsúlan each approx 30m long. Living space for the boat based people is
located on a former fishing boat in the old harbour, with 3 single rooms,
bathroom, kitchen, living room and internet access (25 square metres);
10 min walking distance to the city centre. 


Because of the training required,
applicants must be willing to commit to the project a minimum of two months.
Applicants willing to participate for the whole working period will be given


Unfortunately, neither of these
positions are paid and the successful candidates must be able to cover their
own travel expenses, travel insurance, food and other personal expenses.
Accommodation will be provided.



Applicants should be ready to work
long hours (07:00 to 17.00 or to 20.00 hours depending on weather conditions)
and be expected to participate in the following duties:


Tracking project:

collect Minke whale track data from land with theodolite

enter track data into Cyclops software in real time

collect Minke whale track data from whale-watching boat

data entry


Photo-ID project:

collect photographic material on whales and dolphins

photo-identification work/fin matching

recognition of skin marks


Above this, cleaning, painting and
other maintenance tasks is part of staying at the fishing boat in the old
harbour as a gratitude to the free accommodation provided by Elding.



have a strong background in Marine biology/Oceanography, with knowledge and
experience of marine mammal behaviour and/or sea birds

have previous wildlife field experience and ability to stand long working days,
sometimes in rough sea conditions

have previous cetacean photo-identification skills (relevant for the ID
assistant position)

have previous theodolite tracking skills (relevant for the land based

have previous experience working with Cyclops software (relevant for the land
based positions)

be computer literate with a working knowledge PC operating system and
proficiency with MS Word and MS Excel. Familiarity with software including MS
Access and Photoshop is very helpful. Possibility to bring your own Laptop is
much preferred 

be enthusiastic, hard-working, team oriented, able to share small living space
on board

be adaptable, flexible and patient as fieldwork is highly weather dependent 

have good English language skills

bring your own digital reflex camera and zoom lens (pre-requisite for the ID
assistant position)

have a valid European driving license (pre-requisite for the land based



CV or resume should include the

details of your availability

contact details of two referees

a brief description of yourself including your interest in marine mammals and
what you hope to gain from this experience

specify if you have any preference for the “tracking” project or the “photo-ID”

any dietary requirements (i.e. carnivore, vegetarian, vegan, etc.)


Send applications both to Chiara
Bertulli and Fredrik Christiansen (see below):


Chiara Bertulli (MSc Student)

Marine biologist/Research

c/o Reykjavík Whale-watching Company

Ægisgardur 7

101 Reykjavík



University of Iceland

Biology Department


Sturlugata 7

101 Reykjavik


E-mail: cgb1 at hi.is / ciarabertulli at yahoo.it






Fredrik Christiansen (PhD Student)

University of Aberdeen

Institute of Biological Sciences

Tillydrone Ave

Aberdeen AB24 2TZ


E-mail: f.christiansen at abdn.ac.uk

Mobile: +44 78 18725081



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