[MARMAM] ACS Whalewatcher journal: special vaquita/Phocoenid issue

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Dear MARMAM subscribers,

The American Cetacean Society is proud to announce the full-color 
special Vaquita & Phocoenid issue of our ACS Whalewatcher journal 
(2010, Volume 39, No. 1).
This issue is completely dedicated to the family Phocoenidae and the 
critically endangered vaquita in particular.
We are extremely grateful for Dr. Thomas A. Jefferson, who approached 
us with the concept and served as our guest editor for this unique 
We also like to thank all authors and photographers who have 
contributed to this publication.

Whalewatcher, journal of the American Cetacean Society, Volume 39, No. 
Porpoises in Peril: The Vaquita and its Relatives

In this issue:

-	A Focus on the Porpoises: They’re Elusive and Threatened.  By Thomas 
A. Jefferson
-	Why we NEED to Save the Vaquita.  By Thomas A. Jefferson
-	Helping the Vaquita to Recover: Conservation and Management Actions 
by Mexico.  By L. Rojas-Bracho and L. Fueyo
-	Vaquitas on the Brink: Can we Save Mexico’s Imperiled Porpoise?  By 
A. Jaramillo-Legorreta and B. L. Taylor
-	Surviving the Nets: Current Status of Harbor Porpoise Populations.  
By A. J. Read
-	Meet the Family: illustrated plates of the family Phocoenidae. By Uko 
-	Dall’s Porposie: Accidental and Intentional Victims.  By M. Amano
-	Porpoise Photo Gallery: Celebrating the Diversity of Porpoises.
-	Finless Porpoises: The Forgotten Ones. By J. Y. Wang
-	Recent Literature on Porpoises

And more…

To order you copy:

Contact Kaye Reznick, American Cetacean Society, business manager.
Email: acsoffice at acsonline.org
Call: (310) 548-6279
Price: $ 6.00 within the U.S.  $11 International (includes shipping & 
Have you credit card number ready if you're calling.
Or, become an ACS member today!

Note: We still have copies of our beaked whale issue, dedicated to the 
late John Heyning, available for purchase.  Same pricing applies.

Viva la Vaquita!

Uko Gorter
American Cetacean Society

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