[MARMAM] Research opportunity for PhD or master candidates available by now

Carina Ramm carina.ramm at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 10 17:00:41 PST 2010

Research opportunity for PhD or master candidates available by now

Dear marmamer's,

we are two German PhD students studying behaviour and ecology of the
cetacea in the waters off 'Eua Island, Kingdom of Tonga. We collect
data by daily trips with an offshore capable 10.5m sail boat. Our
focus is on offshore whales and dolphins but not restricted to one
We are looking for a PhD or master student who will help us with our
data collection and boat maintenance in Tonga as soon as possible. In
return she / he can collect data for her / his own thesis as well,
provided that this does not interfere to much with our own work.
The opportunity to collect data from our sail boat together with us is
offered since a crew of three instead of two people would improve our
ability to collect data as well. We can not provide supervision, but
the opportunity to carry out field work in Tongan offshore waters and
therefore in a geographic area and an ecosystem which is hardly
researched yet. Tongan waters underlie less anthropogenic influences
than most other oceanic regions in the world, especially waters around
'Eua Island.
We are looking for a master student or PhD candidate who would stay in
Tonga for at least 3 months. There are no research costs (for boat,
fuel ect.) but travel costs, food and accommodation can not be covered
by us since we are completely self-funded. The last two points however
can be organised cheaply in 'Eua.
We expect high motivation, good English skills, knowledge about whales
and how to approach them, ability of identifying cetacean species at
sea (we will provide a small catalogue with pictures in advance),
knowledge about and preferentially experience in photo ID, open mind
and the ability and will to discuss when useful. Sailing experience
would be a plus.
Please send your application to: carina.ramm at gmail.com

kind regards

Carina Ramm & Tim Arnold

Carina Ramm
Institute of Polar Ecology
University of Kiel

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