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Emily Guarino emily at dolphins.org
Mon Mar 15 09:30:26 PDT 2010

Dolphin Research Center, a not-for-profit research and educational
organization,  would like to announce a summer course in Cognitive and
Behavioral Marine Mammal Research. The program is a seven-day, in-depth,
hands-on immersion into the field of marine mammal science. The course
material surveys a wide-range of knowledge, theories and ongoing research
concerning dolphins. By working with staff on DRC research studies, students
gain a greater understanding of dolphins' cognitive abilities and social
behavior, as well as deeper insight into research concepts and methodology. 


Seminar Topics & Focused Activities Include: Review of Dolphin Anatomy &
Physiology, Physiological Research, Research Project Design, DRC's Current
Research, Marine Mammal Cognition, Research Law Requirements, Behavior &
Ecology, and Research in  Acoustics & Communication.


Hands-On Activities Include: Assisting research staff in conducting current
cognitive research sessions, learning and conducting observation sessions,
participating in additional research activities.


Cost: The cost of the course is $1700.00 (US).  Tuition includes all
seminars, activities, meals and lodging


Dates:  June 19-25 OR August 21-26, 2010


For more information please visit
http://www.dolphins.org/dolphin_lab_campAdult_careerFocused.php, or  contact
us at 305/289-1121 x 225 or education at dolphins.org. 


DRC Publications: 

Jaakkola, K., Guarino, E., Rodriguez, M., Erb, L., & Trone, M. (2010). What
do dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) understand about hidden objects?  Animal
Cognition, 13, 103-120.

Jaakkola, K., Fellner, W., Erb, L., Rodriguez, A. M., & Guarino, E. (2005).
Understanding the concept of numerically "less" by bottlenose dolphins
(Tursiops truncatus). Journal of Comparative Psychology.

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