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Announcement for MARMAM - 


The Marine Environmental Research Institute (MERI) is recruiting interns for
the spring summer field season. Positions include Marine Research
Internships, a Coastal Monitoring Internship and Communications Internships.
These are full-time positions requiring a six-month commitment from April
through October.

MERI is a nonprofit scientific research and education organization dedicated
to understanding the impacts of environmental pollutants on marine mammals
and human health. Located in Blue Hill, Maine, the MERI Center for Marine
Studies operates in a unique coastal ecosystem bridging midcoast and
"Downeast" Maine. The coastline is dotted with uninhabited islands, small
fishing villages, boatyards and blueberry fields and provides habitat for a
rich variety of terrestrial and marine wildlife. Interns will spend the
summer working in this coastal ecosystem on the ocean and in the lakes and
streams that feed the marine watershed. 

Current projects include Seals as Sentinels, a long-term investigation of
the impacts of pollutants in northwestern Atlantic harbor seals and the Blue
Hill Bay Coastal Monitoring Project. For more information about MERI's
research and monitoring projects, visit our website: www.meriresearch.org
<http://www.meriresearch.org/> .

Primary Internship Responsibilities

Marine Research Internships: Interns assist the Research staff with the
implementation of the Seals as Sentinels project, MERI's long-term
investigation of levels, trends, and effects of pollutants in northwest
Atlantic harbor seals and their major prey fish. These internships provide
an excellent training opportunity for individuals interested in marine
mammal toxicology, veterinary sciences, and environmental health. Primary
responsibilities include assisting with marine mammal stranding response,
necropsies, sample collection and processing, performing literature
searches, data interpretation, and science communication. Additional duties
include assisting with a pilot pinniped monitoring survey,
photo-documentation, and community outreach.

Coastal Monitoring Internships: Interns assist the Monitoring Staff with the
implementation of the Blue Hill Bay Coastal Monitoring Project. Primary
responsibilities include water quality sampling at fresh and marine water
sites, phytoplankton monitoring, water chemistry analysis in the field and
in the laboratory, data entry and analysis. Additional duties include
assisting with a pilot pinniped monitoring survey, photo-documentation, and
education/ outreach activities.

Communication Internships offer individuals interested in marine mammal
sciences and ocean issues an opportunity to apply writing and graphics
skills to articulate MERI's research and monitoring discoveries to the
public. Communication Interns assist MERI's outreach and development
programs through the MERI website, press articles, power point
presentations, fact sheets, and other communications vehicles.

Time Requirements

April - October (Flexible start, six months minimum) Full-time (40
hours/week); additional hours to be agreed upon by employee and Director.


Stipend and shared housing in Blue Hill, Maine.  Housing is within walking
distance to Marine Environmental Research Institute. Interns are responsible
for all travel expenses and food.

To Apply

Contact Michelle Berger,  <mailto:mberger at meriresearch.org>
mberger at meriresearch.org, or Meggan Dwyer,  <mailto:mdwyer at meriresearch.org>
mdwyer at meriresearch.org

For complete internship descriptions and application instructions, visit
www.meriresearch.org <http://www.meriresearch.org/> .

MERI is an Equal Opportunity Employer



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