[MARMAM] Dolphin interactions in squid fishery

Maria João Alves de Oliveira da Cruz mjoaocruz at uac.pt
Mon Mar 8 10:47:03 PST 2010

Dear all,


We are asking for information about dolphin depredation in squid fishery.


We are currently working on a project to monitor cetacean interaction in squid fishery in the Azores. This project is on course at IMAR/Department of Oceanography and Fisheries in Faial, University of the Azores.


Squid fishing is carried out by the artisanal fleet, consisting of open boats from 5 to 9 m in length and equipped only with hand-lines and plastic fish jigs. The fishing takes place in daytime at depths of 160-250 m. The common squid, Loligo forbesi, is the only species of squid caught commercially in the Azores. 

In the last few years fishermen's have been complaining of dolphins stealing squid from the gear. 


To collect data on these interactions we made inquiries to the fishermen's in several ports and had observers onboard of fishing boats. It is confirmed that this interaction occurs, where dolphins steal squid hanging in the fishing gear, taking the whole body or just the mantle.

One of the species that has been mostly sighted interacting in squid fishery is the Risso´s dolphin. This species are responsible for most of the depredation on squid fishery which occurs very frequently. During fishing these dolphins stay in the fishing area around the boats for hours, approaching the boats and diving close to them to steal the squids from the gear. Dolphins steal the squids mostly when the fisherman is pulling the line, in the bottom and close to surface.


We are asking for information on interactions between Risso´s dolphins and squid fishery or other information about depredation behaviour observed on Risso´s dolphins.

We also ask for your knowledge or advice on mitigation measures that can be used in this type of fishery. 


Please answer to mjoaocruz at uac.pt

Thank you very much for your help.

Kind regards,

Maria João Cruz

Centro do IMAR da Universidade dos Açores 
Departamento de Oceanografia e Pescas 
9901-862 Horta 
Tel: (351) 292200451 
Fax: (351) 292200411 
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