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Cetacealab is a non-profit research organization located on the southern end of Gil Island along the north coast of British Columbia. Our location is unique as we monitor the acoustic habitat of both orca and humpback whale populations. We are the only residents of Gil Island and Cetacealab the only facility.Volunteers must be prepared for the remoteness of our location. 
 We are currently looking to fill volunteer positions starting in June until late September 2010. Priority will be given to those willing to stay for at least one month. Cetacealab has an array of hydrophone stations located from 5 to 20 km from the facility. All signals are broadcast to the lab and digitally recorded when cetaceans are present. In late spring northern resident orcas arrive, followed by groups of feeding humpback whales; transient orcas are found year round but not as frequent. In the last 3 years there has also been an increase in fin whale sightings.

Volunteers will be asked to assist with the following: 
 -Land based observations - scanning for blows and all marine mammals from the lab, listening for and digitally recording all cetacean vocalizations/activity
-Boat surveys to collect digital photographs to add to our photo identification catalogue of orca, humpback and fin whales; document feeding and social behaviour during each cetacean encounter 
- Identification and organization of all cetacean photographs taken from survey
- Knowledge of excel and data base entry essential
-Updates to website of daily encounters
-Cetacealab has recorded over 800 hours of humpback whale song display in the northern waters of BC before their annual migration south. This season there will be a strong emphasis on volunteers having some experience or to take the initiative to understand spectrographic analysis.
-This facility is completely off the grid, powered only by sun, wind and water. Volunteers will be expected to help in the daily activity of living so remote. This will include chopping wood, helping with the maintenance of hydrophone stations and other more labour intensive types of jobs. 
-Volunteers will be asked to bring their own tent for accommodation and are asked to prepare their own breakfast and lunch in a supplied kitchen area. We will have a communal dinner each night in our house.
Due to our extreme remote location we need to be informed of any medical conditions volunteers may have.  Access to immediate medical care can be difficult. Transportation to Gil Island will be paid by the volunteer. While on Gil the only expense will be a monthly charge of $175 for food. 
Of all the qualities we are looking for a positive attitude and ability to work as a member of a team is vital. For those who decide to join us we know this will be an experience of a lifetime.
To apply for a volunteer position please send a CV, with  a letter describing your reason for wanting to join us this season and one letter of reference. Once your application has been received an interview via phone/Skype will be arranged. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
Website   www.whaleresearch.ca
Contact: Janie Wray/Hermann Meuter

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