[MARMAM] (Please, Forward) EAAM - 2010 Annual Symposium (Lisbon, Portugal)

Élio Vicente elio.vicente at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 09:21:47 PST 2010

Dear All,


As you may recall, the upcoming Annual Symposium of the European Association for Aquatic Mammals
(EAAM - www.eaam.org) will be held in Lisbon, next week, between March 12 and 15. 


The conference will be hosted by Lisbon Zoo (www.zoo.pt) and will be dedicated to all disciplines of
marine mammal husbandry, veterinary medicine, training, conservation, research, environmental
education, display, et cetera.


This will be the first Green Conference of the EAAM and, as such, considerable changes will be
implemented in the structure and dynamics of the event.


All relevant information can be obtained through the conference's website
(www.eaam2010.net/Default.htm) and the Symposium's Committee (eaam at eaam2010.net).


We do look forward to see you in Portugal!


On behalf of Claudia Gili, President-elect of the EAAM, 


Kind regards,


Élio Vicente 



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