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Daniel Palacios Daniel.Palacios at noaa.gov
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3 March 2010

Dear LAJAM readership,

On behalf of our Editorial Board, I am pleased to announce that the  
latest issue of LAJAM, No. 6(2) of December 2007, is now available.   
We sincerely apologize for the great delay in getting this number  
out.  As you may be aware, the journal has faced many challenges and  
hurdles in the last couple of years, including the recent passing of  
our Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Nélio Barros.  We are currently working very  
hard to expedite backlogged issues and appreciate your patience and  
willingness to work with us in the meantime.

The Table of Contents for issue No. 6(2), along with the abstracts and  
the e-mail address of the corresponding authors for requesting PDF  
copies will be posted separately on SOLAMAC’s web site as well as on  

LAJAM is distributed to members of the Sociedad Latinoamericana de  
Especialistas en Mamíferos Acuáticos/Latin American Society of  
Specialists on Aquatic Mammals (solamac.org) and the Sociedad Mexicana  
de Mastozoología Marina/Mexican Society for Marine Mammalogy (www.somemma.org 
).  If you are a paid member of SOLAMAC or SOMEMMA for 2007-2008 you  
should be receiving a printed copy of the journal in the mail in the  
coming weeks.  LAJAM’s Managing Editor, Dr. Salvatore Siciliano, will  
be handling the mailing, so if you have any inquiries in this regard  
please direct them to him (sal at ensp.fiocruz.br).

LAJAM is published twice a year (June and December) in Rio de Janeiro,  
Brazil.  We are currently working on three issues simultaneously, with  
the goal of publishing them sometime later this year.  The first two  
issues, 7(1) and 7(2), will be combined into a single tome for 2008,  
as a strategy to make up some time.  Issue 8(1), for June 2009, will  
be a special issue containing the results of the “Workshop on Research  
and Conservation of the Genus Sotalia,” held in Armaçao dos Buzios,  
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 19-23 June 2006.  For this special issue we  
have assembled a team of guest editors made up by Drs. Marcos Santos,  
Eduardo Secchi, Monica Borobia, Susana Caballero, and Carlos  
Olavarría.  Because of his pivotal role in the organization of the  
workshop as well as for his many years of outstanding service to  
LAJAM, we plan to include a dedication in this issue to Dr. Nélio  

LAJAM publishes articles concerning research, management and  
conservation biology of aquatic mammals in Latin America, regardless  
of the nationality of the authors.  Articles on techniques broadly  
applicable to the study of aquatic mammals are also considered  
regardless of author’s nationality.  We are currently accepting  
submissions for issue 8(2) and beyond.  An updated file containing the  
most recent “Instructions for Authors” will be posted on SOLAMAC’s web  
site shortly, or it can be requested from me  
(Daniel.Palacios at noaa.gov).  Please make sure you follow these  
instructions closely before submitting, as otherwise your manuscript  
will be returned, causing further delays.  Finally, we are always  
looking for reviewers who are interested in assisting authors whose  
first language is not English in polishing their manuscripts.  If you  
would like to help out with this please contact me directly.


Daniel Palacios

Karina Acevedo-Whitehouse
David Aurioles
Susana Caballero
Diane Gendron
Carlos Olavarría
Marcos Santos
Maritza Sepúlveda
Jorge Urbán
Alexandre Zerbini
Board of Associate Editors

Salvatore Siciliano
Managing Editor

Eduardo Secchi
Editor-in-Chief Emeritus

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