[MARMAM] Sounds requested for a cetacean exhibition

Addink, M.J. Marian.Addink at ncbnaturalis.nl
Mon Jun 21 08:00:48 PDT 2010

In September of this year, the National Museum of Natural History in the
Netherlands (NCBnaturalis), will host an exhibition about cetaceans;
part of this exhibition is international and touring Europe (currently
it is in Bruxelles). But the Museum will add its own touches: among
other things we will put skeletons of six species from the collection on
display and of those cetacean species we would like to obtain some sound
material if available. Chris Smeenk and I are somewhat involved with
ideas/advise for this exhibition, hence our request.


1)      Right Whale                                       (Eubalaena
glacialis or E. australis)

2)      Orca
(Orcinus orca)

3)      Common dolphin                            (Delphinus delphis)

4)      Pygmy sperm whale                      (Kogia breviceps)

5)      Narwhal                                              (Monodon

6)      Northern Bottlenose whale       (Hyperoodon ampullatus)


The intention is to use some of the sounds of the species mentioned
above as a background display in the exhibition. If you do have material
available and are willing to help us please contact me with the
information about what kind of material you have available and what the
conditions of using your material would be. I will than put you in touch
with the exhibition developers at my institute for whom I have made this



Marjan Addink



Marian.Addink at ncbnaturalis.nl 






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