[MARMAM] Gray whale sightiing confirmed in Barcelona, Spain.

Manel Gazo manelgazo at submon.org
Fri Jun 4 07:06:37 PDT 2010

On 30th May 2012, at 16:30h an unusual sighting of a gray whale in front of
the Barcelona harbour (41º20’79’’ N Long 2º11’72’’E ) was confirmed. The
whale was consistently heading south at slow pace. The sighting was
confirmed by members of SUBMON, and NGO dedicated to develop studies related
to the conservation and assessment of marine habitats. Pictures from this
sighting were compared by the ones taken by Aviad Scheinin from IMMRAC on
May 8th 2010 in Israel waters (distributed in MARMAM) by Manuel Castellote
at the National Marine Mammal Lab (AFSC-NMFS-NOAA) confirming the matching,
indicating that the same individual travelled from Israel to Spain in 23


This is the first time that a gray whale is sighted in the western basin of
the Mediterranean Sea and just the second time that’s it is reported in the
whole basin. Taking into account the relevance of this sighting, SUBMON is
coordinating the effort to re-sight the whale in Spanish waters in order to
assess his health condition, reduce collision risks with vessels and obtain
a biopsy sample of this individual to determine its population identity.


Dr. Manel Gazo &  Carla A.Chicote


Contact email: manelgazo at submon.org





Conservaction study and awareness of the marine environment

Rabassa 49-51 Loc-1

08024 Barcelona -SPAIN

Telf/Fax: +34 93 2135849 

 <http://www.submon.org/> www.submon.org


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