[MARMAM] Baleen request

Conor Ryan miolmor at gmail.com
Thu Jun 3 08:55:19 PDT 2010

Dear MARMAMers,

I am a PhD candidate at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology in Ireland. I am
carrying out stable isotope analyses on baleen from Blue, Fin, Sei, Humpback
and Minke whales to investigate migration ecology and trophodynamics. If
anyone can spare some complete baleen plates from the above species from
North Atlantic, I would be delighted to hear from you: miolmor at gmail.com. I
am particularly interested in samples for which the body length, gender,
date and sampling location are known.

Many thanks,

Conor Ryan

Marine Biodiversity Research Group,
Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology,
Irish Whale and Dolphin Group
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