[MARMAM] REPCET: A new system to limit ship strikes

Delphine GAMBAIANI delphine.gambaiani at souffleursdecume.com
Wed Jul 28 00:21:39 PDT 2010

Dear all,

A new system, called REPCET, aiming to reduce the risks of collision
between ships and cetaceans has recently been launched.

The REPCET tool is a software system dedicated to commercial navigation.
The concept is simple and is based on the following: Every sighting of
large cetaceans by watchkeeping personnel on board a vessel equipped with
REPCET is transmitted by satellite in real time to a server located on
land. The server then centralizes the data and sends out an alert to
equipped vessels that are likely to be affected. The alerts are displayed
cartographically on a dedicated screen on board.

Additional information about this tool is available on: www.repcet.com
(English version available).

Best regards,

Delphine Gambaiani (project scientist)

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