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The following article has just become available online:

Risso¹s dolphin Grampus griseus in the Mediterranean Sea.

Bearzi G., Reeves R.R., Remonato E., Pierantonio N., Airoldi S.  2010.

Mammalian Biology.  DOI: 10.1016/j.mambio.2010.06.003


The ecology and status of Risso's dolphins Grampus griseus worldwide are
poorly known. In the Mediterranean Sea, modern field studies of cetaceans
only began in the late 1980s and this has resulted in rapid advances in
knowledge of some species, but not Risso's dolphin. This paper reviews
available information on the distribution and ecology of Risso's dolphins in
the Mediterranean and identifies factors that may negatively affect them in
this region. Risso's dolphins occur in continental slope waters throughout
the Mediterranean basin and around many of the region's offshore islands and
archipelagos.  No synoptic estimate of abundance is available for the
Mediterranean region, but densities and overall numbers are low in
comparison to some other small odontocetes.  Diet consists primarily of
cephalopods, with a clear preference for mesopelagic squid.  The principal
known threat to populations in the Mediterranean is entanglement in pelagic
drift gillnets.  Other potential problems for Risso's dolphins in the
Mediterranean include noise disturbance and ingestion of plastic debris.
Conservation actions to mitigate the risk of entanglement in fishing gear
are likely to benefit Risso's dolphins; specifically, the existing driftnet
ban in EU waters should be strictly enforced and extended to the high seas
and to waters under non-EU State jurisdiction.  More and better data are
needed on abundance, distribution, movements, population dynamics and trends
in Risso's dolphin populations, and better information on threats (e.g.
bycatch in fishing gear) is needed to inform conservation efforts.


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