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Prevalence of Epidermal Conditions in California Coastal Bottlenose Dolphins
(Tursiops truncatus) in Monterey Bay 

Daniela Maldini, Jessica Riggin, Arianna Cecchetti and Mark P. Cotter


The prevalence of epidermal conditions in a small population of coastal
bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Monterey Bay was evaluated
between 2006 and 2008. Five different skin condition categories were
considered, including Pox-Like Lesions, Discoloration, Orange Film, Polygon
Lesions, and Miscellaneous Markings. Of 147 adults and 42 calves
photographically examined, at least 90 and 71%, respectively, were affected
by at least one or multiple conditions. Pox-Like Lesions were the most
prevalent, affecting 80% of the population, including adults and calves.
This condition warrants the most urgent investigation being possibly
indicative of the widespread presence of poxvirus or a similar pathogen in
the population. In view of the high number of individuals affected, standard
monitoring of the health status of Monterey Bay bottlenose dolphins is
considered imperative. Discoloration was strongly associated with Pox-Like
lesions. Orange Films were likely an epifaunal infestation caused by
diatoms, which have been documented in other cetacean species. Polygon
Lesions, a newly described category, could be the result of infestation by
barnacles of the genus Cryptolepas. Miscellaneous Markings were variable in
appearance and may not have the same causative factor. Although none of the
proposed etiologies can be confirmed without appropriate clinical tests,
recognizing common visible characteristics of the conditions could aid in
preliminary comparisons across populations and individuals. 


Published by
9b3&pi=0> AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment





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