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FW302 Conservation and Biology of Marine Mammals, an online undergraduate
course, is being offered by one of the top programs in the United States..

This 4 credit course is currently offered Fall, Winter and Spring quarters
by Oregon State University.  Each week is centered on a different topic
themed by a recent peer-reviewed journal article.  Topics include an
examination of the biology of cetaceans, pinnipeds, and other marine
mammals, adaptations of mammals to a marine existence; systematics and
biogeography; reproduction; diving physiology; communication and
echolocation; feeding and migratory behavior; the role of genetics in
conservation, the effect of current whaling practices on cetacean stocks,
marine mammal policy and current anthropogenic threats to marine mammals.

The course incorporates a variety of technology components to illustrate
contrasts in feeding behaviors, diving profiles, sound production, habitat
use and locomotion of different species.  Students synthesize a necropsy
report from an investigation in a “Virtual Fieldtrip” to a recent stranding
site of a baleen whale. Marine mammal policy and sustainability of current
whaling practices are discussed after considering impacts of drive kills,
fisheries bycatch and illegal whaling.  Students use DNA to identify
species; the same methods recently used to discover the identity of whale
meat that was being sold illegally at a sushi restaurant in LA.

Registration is now open for Fall 2010 at:


Admission information can be found for domestic and international degree
seeking and non-degree seeking students at:

Additional questions or comments?  You can reach the instructor at
gibbg at onid.orst.edu.
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