[MARMAM] Identifying shark bite on dolphin

Kelly Melillo melillok at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 9 09:08:45 PDT 2010

Hello all,

At the Dolphin Communication Project's Bimini, Bahamas field site, we regularly observe evidence of shark attacks on resident Atlantic spotted dolphins. Currently, we are completing a study assessing the frequency, locations, etc. of bite scars. This past May, we observed a known juvenile Atlantic spotted with serious injuries to both sides of her body as well as her dorsal fin. Preliminary measurements taken from the photograph suggest the injuries are from a bull shark.

The photo can be seen at: http://www.dolphincommunicationproject.org/teethscar.jpg

We are seeking any input as to the possibility that several of the shark's teeth may have actually become embedded in this dolphin's body, with scar tissue enclosing the individual teeth as the injury healed. If anyone has seen something similar, or would like to suggest an alternative, we would greatly appreciate the input (location, dolphin species, shark species, etc.). 

Please contact me directly at kelly at dcpmail.org.


Kelly Melillo Sweeting
Bimini Research Manager
Dolphin Communication Project
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