[MARMAM] Funding opps for small scale initiatives

Caryn Self-Sullivan caryns at sirenian.org
Sun Jan 31 14:47:03 PST 2010

> The Small-Scale Initiatives Programme run by the French Global  
> Environment Facility is designed to support civil society  
> organisations in Africa which are actively working on biodiversity  
> protection and climate change action.
> The programme has been set up to help civil society organisations to:
> undertake field projects in West and Central Africa, Madagascar and  
> Mozambique,
> strengthen their technical, training, management and project  
> monitoring capacities,
> strengthen a small-scale projects monitoring network in West and  
> Central Africa,
> strengthen their capacities for influencing environmental policy  
> choices in the countries concerned,
> share and disseminate their experiences and successes.

> There’s a rolling programme of applications and full details are on  
> the website. Link below.
> Application deadline 2nd call for proposals: 15.02.2010 Decision 2nd  
> call for proposals: 30.04.2010
> Application deadline 3rd call for proposals: 15.09.2010 Decision 3rd  
> call for proposals: 30.11.2010
> Application deadline 4th call for proposals: 15.02.2011 Decision 4th  
> call for proposals: 30.04.2011
> http://www.ffem.fr/jahia/Jahia/cache/offonce/lang/en/accueil/pid/26806;jsessionid=5F616BE7C3B7CC1630DD20C1B57BFF12

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