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Ecology, Behavior & Conservation of Marine Mammals, A Unique Field  
Course in the Drowned Cayes, Belize

DATES: May 26 - June 8, 2010 (inclusive of travel)
INSTRUCTORS: Caryn Self-Sullivan, Ph.D.1, 2, Bruce A. Schulte, Ph.D.4,  
Katherine S. LaCommare, M.S., ABD 2,3
LOCATION: Spanish Bay Conservation & Research Center at HP Adventure  
Lodge, http://belizeadventurelodge.com/
COSTS: $2595 includes, housing, meals, field trips, ground & water  
transfer fees, research & materials fees; DOES NOT include airfare,  
books, tips, or credit hours
DEADLINES: Early Registration ($50 Discount) & and Deposit due March  
1st, 2010
REGISTRATION: http://www.sirenian.org/CourseSyllabus2010.html

Want to be a Marine Mammal Biologist? Or a Behavioral Ecologist?
Here's your chance to join our research team for two intense weeks of  
total immersion into the world of Animal Behavior, Antillean manatees,  
bottlenose dolphins in Belize!  You will become totally immersed into  
island living, the study of ethology (animal behavior) and the biology  
of manatees and dolphins through lectures and learning activities,  
literature review, debate, projects, and field research. This unique  
field course combines an overview of the ecology, behavior, and  
conservation of sirenians and cetaceans with hands-on manatee &  
dolphin research in the Drowned Cayes, Belize. You'll spend 3-4 hours  
on the water each day learning about the environment as we explore a  
labyrinth of mangrove islands, seagrass beds, and coral patches  
searching for elusive manatees and charismatic dolphins. You'll  
collect behavioral and environmental data and learn about photo-id  
techniques; you'll develop a Fact Sheet or Activity Booklet about a  
related topic to be published by the Hugh Parkey Foundation for Marine  
Awareness & Education and/or Sirenian International. Extra-curricular  
activities include diving or snorkeling at Turneffe Atoll, and  
exploring an ancient Maya City.  This unique course has a work load  
equivalent to 4 university credit hours and is divided into 4 major  
components: lectures and learning activities (~1 hour per day),  
independent reading and assignments (~2 hour per day), data collection  
in the field (~4 hours per day), project development (~1 hours per  
day) and debate/group discussion of reading materials (~1 hours per  
day).  Want credit towards your degree? No problem! Sign up for  
independent study with an advisor at your school and pay the  
appropriate fees. The course has 70 contact hours and is comparable to  
a 4 credit university course. Just have you advisor contact Dr. Self- 
Sullivan (cselfsullivan at georgiasouthern.edu) to discuss the  
requirements for credit. Remember, if you are interested in getting  
independent study credit for this course at your school, you must make  
arrangements IN ADVANCE with BOTH your advising faculty and the course  
instructor. Credit hour fees must be paid directly to your school and  
you must fulfill any Study Abroad requirements at your school.

COURSE CONTENT OVERVIEW (Lectures & Learning Activities)
The Order Sirenia:  Manatees and Dugongs of the World
The Order Cetacea:  Whales and Dolphins of the World
The Local Research Project: Manatee & Dolphins of the Drowned Cayes
Animal Behavior:  Ethology and Behavioral Ecology - The Scientific  
Ecology - Interactions between Manatees, Dolphins, and their Environment
Marine Mammals under Human Care in Zoos and Oceanariums
Marine Mammal Science:  Research Design, Data Collection Methods,  
Analysis of Data, and Interpretation of Results
Marine Mammal Conservation and Advocacy:  The Status of Extant Marine  
Mammal Species

We recommend two books (optional) as primary resources on manatees and  
The Florida Manatee: Biology and Conservation, by Roger L. Reep and  
Robert K. Bonde, University Press of Florida
The Bottlenose Dolphin: Biology and Conservation, by John E. Reynolds,  
Samantha D. Eide, and Randall S. Wells, University Press of Florida
A selection of primary literature will be sent to you in electronic  
format in advance of the course. Students are required to print out  
these articles and bring them with them to Belize.
There is also a library of books and archived journals, including  
Society of Marine Mammalogy, Animal Behavior, and Conservation Biology  
journals, in our library onsite in Belize.

The course fee of $2595 includes all transportation, course, field  
trip, and living expenses from your arrival at the PWG airport in  
Belize on May 26th to your departure on June 8th. You are responsible  
for tips, insurance, and round-trip airfare to Belize (BZE).


To register for course, please visit http://www.sirenian.org/CourseSyllabus2010.html

For more information on the course, please email caryns at sirenian.org  
or cselfsullivan at georgiasouthern.edu

1 Dr. Caryn Self-Sullivan is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Georgia  
Southern University.
4 Dr. Bruce Schulte is a Professor and Department Head at Western  
Kentucky University.
3 Katherine LaCommare is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of  
Massachusetts, Boston, and an instructor at Lansing Community College  
in Michigan.
2 Caryn and Katie are the co-founders of Sirenian International.
1, 4 For more information on the instructors, please visit http://sirenian.org/caryn.html 
  and http://bioweb.wku.edu/faculty/Schulte/Default.asp

For more information on the facilities, please visit http://belizeadventurelodge.com/

Download a Course Flyer at http://sirenian.org/CourseFlyer2010.pdf

Caryn Self-Sullivan, Ph.D.

President & Co-founder, Sirenian International
Visiting Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern University
Mobile:  540.287.8207  |  Fax:  540.242.9196
Email:  caryns at sirenian.org or cselfsullivan at georgiasouthern.edu

Adopt a Mermaid Ambassador or Donate online at www.sirenian.org
The mission of Sirenian International is to promote the long-term  
conservation of manatee and dugong populations and our shared aquatic  
habitats around the world through research, educational outreach, and  
capacity building. Please remember us when budgeting for your  
charitable donations.
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