[MARMAM] new paper on dolphin toxicology

Martina Duras Gomercic martina.duras at vz.htnet.hr
Fri Jan 29 02:44:53 PST 2010

Dear colleagues,

The following paper has been published:

J. Pompe-Gotal, E. Srebocan, H. Gomercic, A. Prevendar Crnic (2009): 
Mercury concentrations in the tissues of bottlenose dolphins (/Tursiops 
truncatus/) and striped dolphins (/Stenella coeruloalba/) stranded on 
the Croatian Adriatic coast. Veterinarni Medicina 54: 598-604.

ABSTRACT: The concentrations of total mercury in muscle (17 samples), 
liver (16 samples) and kidney tissues (16 samples) of both bottlenose 
/(Tursiops truncatus) /and striped dolphins /(Stenella coeruloalba) 
/were analyzed by cold vapour atomic absorption (AA) spectroscopy. The 
dolphins were found dead at different locations along the east Adriatic 
over a 10-year period starting in 1990. In this study, the magnitude of 
mercury contamination of dolphins which are indicators of contamination 
of the Adriatic as well as the Mediterranean Sea was determined. Our 
results represent the first investigation of heavy metal concentrations 
in dolphins sampled along the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea. Total 
mercury levels were high, ranging from 1.51 to 136.7 mg/kg in muscle, 
from 2.04 to 143.1 in kidney and from 10.35 to 1 833 mg/kg in liver 
tissues (expressed as wet weight). These results were examined for 
differences based upon age and tissue type. A high correlation was 
observed between total mercury concentration and age, and adult dolphins 
(10 samples) contained statistically significant higher concentrations 
of mercury compared to juvenile (seven samples) dolphins. Mercury 
concentrations were generally the highest in liver tissue. The presence 
of high mercury levels in dolphins is attributed to natural as well as 
anthropogenic sources.

You can download the paper at: http://vri.cz/docs/vetmed/54-12-598.pdf 
or contact:

Prof. dr. Hrvoje Gomercic
Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb
Heinzelova 55
10000 Zagreb
e-mail: hrvoje.gomercic at vef.hr

Best regards,

Hrvoje Gomercic

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