[MARMAM] SeaBASS course update- Applications now due February 15, 2010

Jennifer Miksis-Olds jlm91 at psu.edu
Mon Jan 18 10:49:35 PST 2010

The SeaBASS- Marine Bioacoustic Summer School program application deadline
has been extended to February 15, 2010. Due to a problem with the server
hosting the application website, a few applications that have been submitted
were not received. We have sent confirmation emails to all applicants for
whom we have received applications. IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED A CONFIRMATION
extended the deadline to accommodate any inconvenience this may have caused.


WHAT IS SeaBASS? SEABASS provides the opportunity for graduate students
interested in pursuing careers in marine bioacoustics to develop a strong
foundation of both marine animal biology and acoustics from distinguished
lecturers in the field.  The goals of SeaBASS are to discuss important
topics in marine bioacoustics, foster technical communication across
disciplines, and promote mentoring and collaboration.  SeaBASS gives
students an opportunity to learn from experts who will discuss a suite of
topics not often offered at any one university.  


WHEN:  June 20-25, 2010.   Arrive on June 19.  Depart on June 25.


WHERE:                Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel, State College, PA


COSTS: The basic costs of student attendance (room and board, based on
double occupancy for students) will be funded from sponsor support.  There
is no registration fee.  Full-time participation of all is required.
Transportation costs are the responsibility of the student, but travel
assistance can be requested during the application process.


APPLICATION:   On-line application is available at
www.arl.psu.edu/edu_seabass.php.  Applications are due on February 15, 2010.
Direct questions to Dr. Jennifer Miksis-Olds via email at:
seabass at only.arl.psu.edu.



Introduction to Underwater Sound,  Sound Propagation,  Marine Mammal Biology
& Behavior,  Sound Production,  Fisheries Acoustics/Fish Behavior,  Hearing
and Masking,  Marine Animal Acoustic Communication,  Echolocation,  Hot
Topic: Passive Acoustic Monitoring,  Hot Topic: Effects of Noise


Sponsored by Penn State Applied Research Laboratory, Office of Naval
Research, Acoustical Society of America, and the National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration.

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