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Dolphin Research Center (DRC), a world-renowned marine mammal education and
research facility on Grassy Key Florida, is pleased to announce a program
leading to a college-issued Certificate in Marine Mammal Behavior and
Training. Students who successfully complete a career-focused series of five
different courses will receive the Certificate in Marine Mammal Behavior and
Training from the Florida Keys Community College. 

            For over 25 years, DRC has specialized in teaching individuals
of all ages about marine mammal husbandry, behavior modification, and a wide
range of related topics.  Each seven-day course introduces students to
Dolphin Research Center's resident pod of dolphins and includes hands-on and
in-water interactive experiences as well as classroom seminars and
workshops, live marine mammal demonstrations and observations, and
discussions with expert trainers, researchers and educators.  

            Course topics include, but are not limited to: marine mammal
husbandry; marine mammal medical care and pathology; behavior modification
and training; anatomy; physiology; maternity; population management; habitat
and maintenance; environmental enrichment; cognitive and behavioral research
methodology, design and implementation; dolphin acoustics; and
communication; marine mammal law; and conservation.

            Animal experience includes but is not limited to: meal
preparation; animal handling and behavior modification through operant
conditioning; animal presentation and narration delivery; cognitive research
design and implementation; behavioral observation and research; and animal
enrichment design and implementation.

            The courses offered include: OCB 1301 Basic DolphinLab; OCB 1311
Dolphin Studies and Field Experience: Marine Mammal Care and Basic Training
I; OCB 2313 Dolphin Studies and Field Experience: Advanced Marine Mammal
Training & Enrichment II; and OCB 2310 Dolphin Studies and Field Experience:
Cognitive and Behavioral Research with Marine Mammals; and EDG 1030 Dolphin
Studies and Field Experience: Marine Mammal Education and Interpretation.
Courses may either be taken consecutively or at different times throughout
the year, depending on DRC scheduling.  In order to qualify for college
credit, students must participate in all activities and successfully pass an
exam that is given at the end of each course.

For further information please visit our website: www.dolphins.org
<http://www.dolphins.org/>  or contact the Education Department at
education at dolphins.org or (305) 289-1121 ext. 225.





Dave Walton

Reservations Coordinator

Education Department

Dolphin Research Center

(305) 289-1121 ext. 288

dave at dolphins.org


"Dolphin Research Center...25 years of Teaching, Learning, and Caring for
Marine Mammals and the Environment We Share."


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