[MARMAM] Marine mammals & artificial recruitment reef relations

stefan kolle stefan.kolle at archipelago.gr
Fri Feb 26 02:17:40 PST 2010


My name is Stefan Kolle and I am currently working with the NGO
Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation in Greece.

We are currently running a feasibility study for site selection on
artificial recruitment reef application in the eastern Aegean Sea. As we
have several marine mammal populations in the area of interest, we are
looking for literature describing the relationship between marine mammals
and artificial reef projects.

On the one hand our project is intended to help with rebuilding the local
fisheries stocks, thereby increasing the availability of food fish for local
monk seal and dolphin populations. Based on this we consider that it would
be beneficial having an artificial recruitment reef in the distribution area
of our local marine mammal populations.

On the other hand, artificial reef programs in Scotland have explicitly
avoided placing recruitment reefs in the main distribution of local cetacean
populations. The OSPAR guidelines for artificial reef development mentioned
that careful consideration should be given to “known migration routes of
fish and marine mammals”, however not specifying any exact measures.

We are therefore wondering if the placement of artificial recruitment reef
systems in the distribution areas of marine mammal populations should be
considered beneficial (increased food fish availability) or detrimental
(possible displacement effects?), considering that the artificial reef
structures in mind would serve as a protected areas with no direct fishing
activity allowed at the sites.

Best regards,

Stefan Kolle.
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