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Dear Marmammers
On behalf of Oceans Research ( <http://www.m/>
<http://www.oceans-research.com/> www.oceans-research.com) , I am pleased to
announce that we are currently accepting internship applications for our
dolphin and whale project for 2010 on the Skeleton Coast of Namibia.
Background Skeleton Coast Marine Lab was established to formalise the
ongoing marine mammal research of Dr. Simon Elwen of the University of
Pretoria and Dr Ruth Leeney of Provincetown Centre for Coastal Studies. The
laboratory is situated along the desert coast of Namibia at Walvis Bay, a
world wide mecca of dolphin watching and desert tourism. The cool Benguela
current is the driving force behind one of the world's most abundant marine
environments and attracts dense populations of marine mammals such as the
Heaviside's dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, Cape fur seal and humpback whale.
The Namibian coast line is considered one of the most undeveloped and
beautiful places in the world. The Namib is the oldest desert in the world
and is characterised by the conjunction of large fields of sand dunes
meeting one of the world's richest marine environments, the cold currents of
the Benguela ecosystem. The opportunity to conduct marine research here is a
rare privilege that is made possible only through this project's dedicated
association and work in Namibia.   
Research Projects
- Use of photographic identification to estimate the abundance of bottlenose
and Heaviside's dolphins in the bay.
- Use of visual surveys and moored hydrophones to investigate distribution
and behaviour of bottlenose dolphins relative to environmental variables and
human impacts including aquaculture and harbour traffic.
- Use of moored acoustic recorders (C-PODs) to investigate the acoustic
behaviour, distribution and attendance patterns of Heaviside's dolphins and
bottlenose dolphins at key sites.
- Collection of skin and blubber samples from dolphin species to investigate
population structure and dietary variation across sites and seasons using
stable isotope and fatty acid analysis.
Intern activities
Assisting in running research vessels and research station
Above water photo identification of dolphin species
Above water focal behavioural follows of bottlenose dolphins
Above water photo-identification of humpback whales. 
Above water genetic sampling of dolphin and whale species 
Acoustic monitoring of cetacean vocalisations 
Shore based tracking of dolphin species around hydrophones and tour boats
For more information contact Lezanne Brits on
<mailto:internship at oceans-research.com> internship at oceans-research.com 
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