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Verfuss Ursula Dr. Ursula.Verfuss at meeresmuseum.de
Fri Feb 5 03:22:48 PST 2010

24th conference of the European Cetacean Society, March 20th-25th 2010,
Stralsund, Germany



Dear ECS community,


Over the last weeks we have been made aware of a few people having
difficulties with web submission of abstracts this year and we would
like to ensure that no-one misses out presenting their work due to such


Hence if anyone has not received a response to their abstract (rejection
or confirmation for poster or oral presentation), they need to contact
the conference Scientific Committee now (ecs2010.sc at gmail.com, deadline
Monday, February 8th) since the programme will shortly be finalised.


Thanks for you help and hope to see you soon in Stralsund!


Meike Scheidat




Wageningen IMARES
Institute for Marine Resources & Ecosystem Studies 

Dr. Meike Scheidat

Wageningen IMARES
Location Texel
Landsdiep 4, 1797 SZ 't Horntje Postbus 167, 1790 AD Den Burg
The Netherlands


meike.scheidat at wur.nl <BLOCKED::mailto:meike.scheidat at wur.nl>  
http://www.imares.wur.nl <blocked::http://www.imares.wur.nl/> 



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