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Volunteers needed for photo-identification work on bottlenose dolphins, Normandy, France We are looking for several volunteers to help with photo-identification work at the office and field work on bottlenose dolphins from the beginning of April 2011 until November 2011.Context :The organization GECC (Groupe d’Etude des Cétacés du Cotentin – Cetacean study team of the Cotentin) aims at monitoring marine mammals in the french channel and at educating the public.The bottlenose dolphin is the most commonly observed species. Photo-identification work started in 2004, more than 600 individuals have been identified so far. We are also doing biopsy sampling since a few months. This year, a 3 year project on the study of the population is starting as well as a PhD work. Photo-identification enables us to estimate demographic parameters, analyze social structure and work on habitat use. Moreover, we will also work on genetics, trophic relationships and polluants thanks to biopsy samples. Position descriptionVolunteers will be mainly involved in photo-identification work at the office. Field work is weather dependent, so volunteers need to be prepared to spend several days in a row at the office, matching dolphin dorsal fins.Then, there are dolphin surveys whenever the weather forecast is good. You will help with collecting photos, as well as collecting data during biopsy sampling and acoustic recording (photos, behaviour).Surveys can be very long (up to 14 hours during summer), so you must be prepared to spend long days out at sea on a small boat, wake up very early, and do surveys the weekend if the weather is good.  After the surveys, you will help with data entry (weather, samples, photos,...).The data collected and the photo-identification matching work will be used for a PhD work. Required qualifications-          A background in environmental or biological sciences-          Be enthusiastic and self-motivated-          Conscentious, precise and patient (for photo-identification work, you’ll match a catalog of more than 600 individuals)-          Basic computer proficiency in Microsoft Office-          Have previous experiences of work at sea or spend time on a boat-          Ability to work as part of a small team-          Basic french speaking skillsPreferred qualifications-          Having a boat driving license and boat operation experience is a big advantage-          Previous experiences with photo-idenfication and marine mammal monitoring surveys are a plusVolunteers are expected to stay for a minimum of 2 months between the beginning of April until the end of October (due the training involved for photo-identification and field work). Accomodation is provided in Cherbourg (Cotentin, Normandy, France) but you’ll be responsible for your own food (there’s a kitchen) and travel costs to Cherbourg.For more information and to apply, please send a CV and a cover letter to : gecc at hotmail.frA skype or a phone interview could then be arranged.Marie Louis 		 	   		  
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