[MARMAM] ACS Whalewatcher Journal, Climate Change issue, 2010, Vol.39, No.2.

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Dear MARMAM subscribers,

The American Cetacean Society is proud to announce the full-color  
special issue on Climate Change: Challenges to Cetacean Conservation  
of our journal "Whalewatcher".
Our special guest editor for this issue is Dr. Ian Dutton, president  
and CEO of the Alaska SeaLife Center and Chairman of the North Pacific  
Research Board.
We would like to take the opportunity to once again thank all authors  
and photographers who have contributed to this publication.
The result is a poignant and timely publication with compelling  
articles on a tremendously important issue.

Whalewatcher, journal of the American Cetacean Society, Volume 39, No.  
Climate Change: Challenges to Cetacean Conservation.

In this issue:

– Climate Change Demands a New Approach to Cetacean Conservation, by  
Ian Dutton
– Climate Change: Effects on the Diversity of Whales and Dolphins, by  
Hal Whitehead
– Whales Facing Climate Change in the Pacific Arctic, by Sue E. Moore
– Feeling the Heat: Potential Climate Change Impacts on Bottlenose  
Dolphins, by Randall S. Wells
– Top Ten Percent of Cetaceans Affected by Climate-driven Shift in  
Human Behavior, illustrated plates by Uko Gorter
– The Biggest Threat of All, by Elin Kelsey
– Climate Change and European Cetaceans, by Mark Peter Simmonds and  
Sonja Eisfeld
– Freshwater-Dependant Cetaceans: Intergrating Climate Change-Related  
Impacts from Mountain to Sea, by Brian D. Smith and Randall R. Reeves
– Aerial Photo Gallery, by Laura Morse (NOAA Fisheries)
– Recent Research: Overview of Research on the Impact of Climate  
Change on Cetaceans, by Dominique Rossi and Ian Dutton

To order your copy:

Contact Kaye Reznick, American Cetacean Society, business manager.
Email: acsoffice at acsonline.org
Call: (310) 548-6279
Price: $ 6.00 within the U.S. and $10 International (includes shipping  
& handling)
Have you credit card number ready if you're calling.
Or, become an ACS member today!

Note: We still have copies of our beaked whale issue, dedicated to the  
late John Heyning, and our Phocoenid issue on the Vaquita and its  
Relatives, available for purchase. Same pricing applies.

Happy Holidays from all of us at ACS!

Uko Gorter

Cheryl McCormick Ph.D., Executive Director
P.O Box 1391
San Pedro, CA 90733-1391
acsoffice at acsonline.org
(310) 548-6279

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