[MARMAM] announcement: Detection, Classification, Localization, and Density Estimation Workshop, Aug. 2011

Dave Mellinger David.K.Mellinger at noaa.gov
Mon Dec 13 15:55:43 PST 2010

       Fifth International Workshop on Detection, Classification,
		 Localization, and Density Estimation
			   Aug. 22-25, 2011
		      and associated seminars on
		     Detection and Classification
			  Density Estimation
			    Aug. 21, 2011
		      Mt. Hood Timberline Lodge
			     Oregon, USA

You are invited to attend the fifth workshop on Detection, Classification, Localization, and Density Estimation (DCLDE), which will be held next August 22-25.

On Aug. 21, the day preceding the workshop, two seminars will be presented in parallel. One, on density estimation, will be led by Len Thomas, and the other, on detection, classification, and localization, by Dave Mellinger, Marie Roch, Eva-Marie Nosal, and Holger Klinck.

Two datasets for the workshop have been prepared, one for detection and classification and one for localization. These are for training DCL algorithms. As in past years, a challenge dataset will be presented later with which attendees can test and compare algorithms.

Information about the venue, the workshop, and the tutorials, as well as a link to the datasets, are available on the conference web site:


Abstract submission guidelines will also be presented shortly, as will registration procedures.

The workshop is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (Michael Weise), the Navy's Environmental Readiness Division (Frank Stone), and the Acoustical Society of America.

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