[MARMAM] South Georgia Weddell Seal Photo ID Catalogue

Jon Ashburner jonashburner at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 7 09:26:25 PST 2010

Dear Marmamers,

I have recently been given a comprehensive photo ID catalogue for the
weddell seal population based in Larsen Harbour, South Georgia.  This
is the most northerly breeding weddell seal colony, and the only
weddell seals known to breed on land as opposed to ice..

The catalogue was compiled by Kicki Erikson, of the yacht Wanderer 3
which has been on South Georgia for 2 years, and conducted a census of
the Larsen Harbour weddell seals during the 2010 breeding season.  The
catalogue includes 29 individuals, with 20 females and 9 males.  Kicki
has asked me if I know anyone who may be interested in the catalogue
but no one springs to mind, so I thought I would post it on MARMAM.

If anyone would like a copy of the catalogue (or knows of someone that
might), please email me at jonashburner at gmail.com with a postal
address and I will send a disc of the images to you (since it is too
large to be sent electronically.

Kind regards,


Jonathan Ashburner
Zoological Field Assistant
British Antarctic Survey
King Edward Point
South Georgia

jonashburner at gmail.com

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