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Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the publication of the following article:

Scheer, M. (2010). Review of self-initiated behaviors of free-ranging
cetaceans directed towards human swimmers and waders during open water
encounters. In: Gácsi, Márta and Adam Miklosi (eds.), Human–Animal
Interaction: Special Issue of Interaction Studies 11:3 (2010), pp.
442–466. DOI: 10.1075/is.11.3.07sch

For pdf requests please contact me at michaelscheer at t-online.de. 

Open water encounters of swimming and wading humans with wild cetaceans
increased worldwide. Behaviors being self-initiated by cetaceans during
encounters and
addressed towards humans still have received little study and their
structure and function
mostly remain unclear. This study reviews the scientific literature
describing such
behaviors. Unhabituated, habituated, lone and sociable and
food-provisioned cetaceans
from 10 odontocete and one mysticete species were reported to show
altogether 53
different behaviors which were affiliative (33 behaviors),
aggressive/threatening (18) and
sexual (2) in nature. Behaviors are listed in an ethogram. Due to
varying research designs,
observational biases cannot be excluded and comparability of results is
hindered. Aggressive/threatening behaviors were reported mainly for
food-provisioned and
lone and sociable dolphins and these might be responses to inappropriate
behaviors. Sexual behaviors were only described for lone and sociable

A few swimmer-whale interaction videos can be seen here:

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