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Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the following paper recently published in Marine
Biodiversity Records.
Body weight/length relationship and mass estimation using morphometric
in Amazonian manatees
Trichechus inunguis (Mammalia: Sirenia)
Rodrigo S. Amaral, Vera M.F. da Silva and Fernando C.W. Rosas
Vol. 3, e105, 1-4.

This study defined the body weight/length relationship and an equation for
body mass estimation using morphometric measurements on Amazonian
manatees Trichechus
inunguis (Mammalia: Sirenia). Total length (TL), maximum girth (MG) and body
mass (M) were obtained from 91 captive Amazonian manatees (46 males and 45
females) of different ages, and TL and M were obtained from eight
free-ranging Amazonian manatees (6 males and 2 females). The data were
analysed by linear and multiple linear regressions. The maximum length and
mass measured were 266.5 cm and 379.5 kg, respectively. The equation for
body weight/length relationship was M = 0.00001070 * TL^3.122 (r^2 = 0.984)
(Equation I) and no differences between sexes and between captive and
free-ranging animals were found (P > 0.05). We calculated two more equations
for mass estimation (Equation II: M = 0.00003284 * TL^1.857 * MG^1.106, r^
2 = 0.992; and Equation III: M = 1.506 + 0.00003477 * TL * MG^2, r^2 = 0.995),
and the best equation (high correlation coefficient and low percentage of
residues) was Equation III. Equation I provides the body condition of
manatees, whereas Equation III is more accurate for estimating body mass.
Both equations are important tools for management of captive and
free-ranging Amazonian manatees.

This article is now available online at:
or upon request; please email rsamaral at usp.br

Best regards,

Rodrigo Amaral

Rodrigo de Souza Amaral., M.V., M.Sc.
Laboratório de Dosagens Hormonais - LDH
Faculdade de  Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia - FMVZ
Universidade de São Paulo - USP
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