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Mon Aug 30 05:54:40 PDT 2010

 Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation, is organizing a Marine
Mammal Field Course to take place from the 27th September 2010 until the 6th
October 2010. This 10 day field course will be conducted in the area of the
Eastern Aegean Sea with participants based on the Island of Samos. The field
course will be composed of both lectures and practical field work on the
followings topics:

- The biology, behaviour and ecology of cetaceans.
- Marine mammal populations within the area.
- Current conservation methods implemented within the Eastern Aegean.
- Threats to cetaceans.
- Theory of the survey methods, including acoustic surveying, used to
measure cetacean biodiversity.
- First aid and stranding response protocols for marine mammals.

*Practical/ Field work:*
- Boat based visual census and surveying of marine mammal populations within
the region.
- Acoustic surveying.
- Bio acoustics.
- Photo identification of cetaceans.
- GIS analysis.

The participants in the Marine mammal field course will also have the option
of getting involved in some of Archipelagos's additional research
activities, which include:
- Surveying for chameleons, carried out during the early evenings.
- Early morning fisheries data collection from local artisanal fishermen.
- Carrying out snorkeling surveys in a number of snorkeling sites in and
around Ormos, Samos, with the use of transects.

The cost is €1000 which covers accommodation, breakfast and lunch each day
and use of equipment.
Further information can be found at www.archipelago.gr, where you can also
download a copy of the application form.

Anastasia Miliou
Manager & Head Scientist
Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation
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