[MARMAM] New paper on Onassis's whaling operations 1950-1956

Klaus Barthelmess barthval at t-online.de
Tue Aug 24 09:27:48 PDT 2010


The dirtiest story of modern German - if not worldwide - whaling history has
finally been told in a peer-reviewed, German journal and is available

Klaus Barthelmess: 
³Die Gegner der OLYMPIC CHALLENGER. Wie amerikanische Geheimdienste,
Norweger und Deutsche das Walfangabenteuer des Aristoteles Onassis
[The opponents of OLYMPIC CHALLENGER. How American secret services,
Norwegians and Germans brought about an end to the Onassis whaling venture],
in: Polarforschung, 79 (3), 2009 [published 2010], pp. 155-176.

available online at: http://epic.awi.de/Publications/Bar2010f.pdf

An 11-page appendix of 17 hitherto classified documents in Norwegian
transcription - with German translation - bears testimony to a story of
bribery, treason, and sleazy political deals in which Onassis - usually
credited with more notoriety than fame - rather appears as the victim. With
almost a dozen acting parties from half the globe, some of them acting in
secrecy, I dare say it is a story worthy of a thriller movie.
Suggestions of a script author and producer welcome ;-)

English abstract and picture captions are provided for the article.

There is also a table of the whaling infractions committed by OLYMPIC


Klaus Barthelmess
barthval at t-online.de

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