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Dear Marmam members,


The following paper has recently been published-

C.E.S., Silva, M.A., Marques, T.A. and Thomas, L. 2010. Designing a
shipboard line transect survey to estimate cetacean  abundance off the
Azores archipelago. Arquipélago. Life and Marine  Sciences 27: 49-58.


 You can download it from http://www.horta.uac.pt/intradop//index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1643&Itemid=272

 or request to cf at smru.co.uk



schemes dedicated to the conservation of wildlife populations rely on the
effective monitoring of population size, and this may require the accurate and
precise estimation of this parameter. Line transect distance sampling can be an
effective approach for estimating abundance. Little information is available
regarding cetacean abundance in the Azores. This paper had two aims: 1) to
design a line transect shipboard survey to estimate the absolute abundance of
the most common cetaceans off the Azores; and 2) to provide a set of potential
survey effort scenarios to policy makers and environmental managers. Three
survey scenarios are assessed, and one detailed survey design is presented. A
total of 8,800 km of survey effort is recommended; at this level the expected
coefficient of variation of estimates is less than 0.3 for most species.
However, if logistic constraints prevent this, at least 5,000 km of survey
effort should be used to achieve minimum sample size requirements; this is
estimated to take 36 days of effort. It is also recommended to conduct a pilot
survey. This would provide more detailed information that could be used to
improve the survey design of what would be the first survey of this magnitude
ever to be implemented in the Azores.


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