[MARMAM] Volunteer Canary Islands beaked whale research

Natacha Aguilar naguilarsoto at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 20:01:18 PDT 2010

Dear All,

We are looking for a person who wants to participate in the beaked whale
research cruises that will take place in La Palma and El Hierro (Canary
Islands, Spain) in september. That person should be north american so that
she/he can bring us some acoustic recorders from US. Travel and
accomodation/food while here will be covered by the research project (within
reason!). The person will participate in visual and acoustic research for
beaked whales (Blainville's and Cuvier's) and other cetacean species.
Observations are performed from a coastal cliff and from a small boat and
the researchers rotate in both observation platforms. Data gathered are
photoID, behaviour and social composition of the groups, basic oceanographic
data and acoustic recordings from drifting buoys. This means long field days
and a lot of waiting for the animals (beaked whales spend on average only 8%
of their time visible at the surface). So, everybody is expected to work
with dedication and enthusiasm under a hot sun and participate in the data
entry and cooking at the end of the day.

Please send cv and a short letter with your interest to naguilar at ull.es

Remember that the rest of the team will be spanish, although with knowledge
of english


Natacha Aguilar de Soto
La Laguna University
Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

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