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We would like to inform you that the following article was recently 
published in /Diseases of Aquatic Organisms/.

*Modeling lacaziosis lesion progression in common bottlenose dolphins 
/Tursiops truncatus/ using long-term photographic records*
Leslie Burdett Hart, Randall S. Wells, Jeffrey D. Adams, Dave S. 
Rotstein, Lori H. Schwacke^

ABSTRACT: Lacaziosis (lobomycosis) is a skin disease caused by /Lacazia 
loboi/, occurring naturally only in humans and dolphins. Attempts to 
culture the pathogen /in vitro/ have been unsuccessful, and inoculation 
studies of lacaziosis development in mice have provided only limited, 
short-term data on the progression and propagation of /L. loboi/. The 
present study used photographic data from long-term photo-identification 
and health assessment projects to model and quantify the progression of 
lacaziosis lesions in 3 common bottlenose dolphins /Tursiops truncatus/ 
from Sarasota Bay, Florida, USA. Dorsal fin images throughout each 
animal's sighting history were examined for lesion growth, and the 
proportion of lesion coverage in each photograph was estimated using 
image analysis tools in Adobe Photoshop®. The progression of lacaziosis 
lesions and lesion growth rates were modeled using a non-linear 
monomolecular growth model. As data on lacaziosis development and 
advancement are limited in humans and laboratory animals, dolphins with 
a long-term case history of the disease may serve as a good animal model 
to better understand lacaziosis progression. Furthermore, this study 
demonstrates the utility of long-term population monitoring data for 
tracking the progression of a poorly understood disease that is relevant 
to both dolphin and human health.

/Diseases of Aquatic Organisms/, Volume 90, Issue 2, Pgs. 105-112

Abstract link:  http://www.int-res.com/abstracts/dao/v90/n2/p105-112/

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Leslie Burdett Hart

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