[MARMAM] Spinner dolphin sound library

Putu Mustika putu.liza at jcu.edu.au
Tue Apr 27 23:07:23 PDT 2010

Dear Marmam-ers,

I've been looking over the web for a good sound library for Spinner 
dolphins (Stenella longirostris longirostris/the Hawaiian subspecies 
or S.l. roseiventris/the Southeast Asian version), be them whistle, 
clicks, etc. I couldn't find one that is quite decent for long term 
play, so I wonder if any of you colleagues can direct me to the 
proper acoustic web links?

I should also mention that I shall send the files to Bali Hai 
Cruises, a sustainable dolphin watching company in Bali where I have 
been doing a part of my PhD research the last three years. Bali Hai 
Cruises has been trying to value-add their dolphin trips by deploying 
passive hydrophone to catch spinner dolphin's sound in the southern 
waters of Bali and play it to the passengers. The hydrophone did not 
work well because of the frequently rough weather in south Bali 
(hence the vessel cannot be stationary). Then it occurred to us that 
we can play recordings of spinner dolphins to the passengers and 
hence educating them of some samples of Spinner dolphin acoustics 
(while stating that this is not the real time recording of the 
spinners they are currently experiencing).

thanks a lot for the advice or links sent to putu.liza at jcu.edu.au.

Putu Liza Kusuma Mustika ('Icha')
PhD Candidate - SEES, James Cook University, Australia
putu.liza at jcu.edu.au

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