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The Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute BDRI (www.thebdri.com) is happy to announce the 10 days-long, Field Research-oriented Courses in Marine Mammals Science (FRC) (Summer Season 2010).
These training courses are specifically designed for those students (undergraduate and postgraduate) seriously interested in pursuing a career in marine mammal science. Students may choose one of the three exclusive courses, listed bellow, depending on where their interests lie. Each academically FRC combines exclusive lectures, hands-on boat-based and computer exercises, assignments and tests. The FRC are limited to 6 students to ensure individualized instruction. Students will be trained during FRC in a wide range of areas including scientific data collection, field research concepts and methodology, computer orientation, use of statistical analysis, presentation and report of findings, and much more!! FRC are divided in three exclusive training courses (http://www.thebdri.com/education/courses.htm): FRC 1001 (Dates: 7th June, 19 July, or 16th August) - MONITORING COASTAL BOTTLENOSE DOLPHIN POPULATIONS
This FRC provides an in-depth, hands-on immersion into the field of marine mammals science and more particularly applied dolphins research. The variety of subjects approached on this FRC provides students with the tools and practical experience needed for a greater understanding of coastal bottlenose dolphin populations and their conservation, as well as deeper insight into behavioural research concepts and methodology. As a result of successful completion of this course, you will be able to select and use appropriate research methods available to characterise the status of a coastal bottlenose dolphin population. FRC 1002 (Dates: 21st June, 2nd August, or 13th September) - SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS AND COMMUNICATION IN A FISSION-FUSION SOCIETY 
This advanced FRC aims to provide specialization in behavioural methods, focusing in particular on bottlenose dolphin social behaviour and communication, achieving an integrated approach to the understanding of the behavioural complexity of this species. By the end of the course, students will be able to design a project to assess the social organization of a bottlenose dolphin population. In addition, course attendants will get experience in using bioacoustical methods via computer practical sessions involving classification and analyses of bottlenose dolphin vocalizations. FRC 1003 (Dates: 5th July, or 30th August) - CONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT OF BOTTLENOSE DOLPHIN POPULATIONS

This advanced FRC surveys an extensive amount of knowledge and ongoing investigations concerning marine mammals conservation, achieving an integrated approach to address human-dolphin conflicts and advice on mitigation. As a result of successful completion of this specialization course, attendants will gain a deeper insight into the various factors influencing the incidental capture of bottlenose dolphins, use of ecosystem-level models to predict the impact of human activities and explain the importance of local, national, and international policies that aim to protect bottlenose dolphin populations. BDRI has developed a financial aid to support students and unemployment people, covering approximately 10% (summer season) of the FRC Tuition & Program fee. Comfortable housing (private and double rooms), with shared cooking and bathroom facilities are provided. There is no deadline to apply. However, applications are accepted on a first-come, first
 serve basis. Positions are open until filled. APPLY NOW! 

Step 1. Read through this general information carefully:
www.thebdri.com/resources/downloads/courses.pdfdecide what course/s you want to study, take note of any dates that may be preferred.
Step 2. Once you have decided which course/s you would like to study, it's now time to submit your application by email to info at thebdri.com More information:email: info at thebdri.com; 
telephone: 00 39 346 0815414
Bruno Diaz Lopez Chief Researcher / Marine Zoologist 
Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute BDRI 
V.Armando Diaz Nº4 07020 Golfo Aranci (SS) Italy 
info at thebdri.com  
tel.+ 39 346 081 5414
tel. + 0789 183 1197
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