[MARMAM] Data collection from US platforms of opportunity

Jooke Robbins jrobbins at coastalstudies.org
Thu Apr 22 22:40:19 PDT 2010

As in previous years, I have been asked to summarize cetacean data 
collection programs involving platforms of opportunity in the United 
States.  This information is compiled annually in a US Progress 
report to the International Whaling Commission.  Those who have 
provided information in previous years have already been contacted 
for an update.  However, I would very much appreciate hearing from 
others that collect data opportunistically from whale watching boats 
and other vessels in the US (such as ferries, fishing vessels, 
etc).  Our annual summary contains very basic information on the area 
worked, species studied and techniques used in 2009.  To be included 
in this summary, please contact me at jrobbins at coastalstudies.org 
before April 27, 2010.

Thanks in advance,


Jooke Robbins, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist
Director, Humpback Whale Studies Program

Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies
5 Holway Avenue
Provincetown, MA 02657
ph: 508-487-3623 x116
fax:  508-487-4695 

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